Killerz Matrix

Video Tutorials

We have created the following video tutorials to help you join us.

Video 1 "How to Register" :

Video 2 "How to Apply" :


Steps to Join Killerz Matrix


Step (1): First of all, have some knowledge about the standards, requirements to join.


Step (2): You need to register on our “Forumotion” website in order to post your application. Check out video tutorial (as above) that might help you.

Step (3): How to submit your application :

Details: You can read and copy, paste the application templates from here.


– So here’s following steps:

a) Go to applications.
b) Click “new topic” button.
c) Write your PB2 username in the title and.
d) Type # after username to show number of times you are applying.

(e.g. – Title “PB2User #1” for example, if you apply for the first time.)

e) Paste application template in the reply field or area.
f) Read tips here.


Step (4): Acceptance of the application is subject to:

a) Clarity and Authenticity of the information given in the application. Lying means denial on the spot.
b) Tone of Response to our questions.
c) Voting: We will have voting (Poll), once Question- Answer Session is over. Poll will last one whole week plus an extra day in case nobody votes during the week. Getting votes less than 3 will result in rejection.

Step (5): After your application is accepted, we will conduct a Skill & Attitude test. This test will be carried out by one of our official testers. The place, date and time will be fixed by you and the tester.

a) You will have to get a passing score of 6 out of 15. If you fail your test, you will be denied.

b) Watch out for your behavior in game. A bad impression can also lead to denial. Therefore, you are requested to deliver a nice overall performance during the test.

Step (6): Probation period (PP.): Once you pass S&A test successfully, you will become unofficial member. You will be on a “5-day period of probation” during which our (High-Ranking) members will review your overall performance such as dedication, cooperation, contribution etc. During this period, you will be able to comment on & rate new applications. We will keep a check on you during (PP.) if we see your intentions are good, you will become official member.

Advice: Try to be cool, supportive and of course active during your stay in this clan.


  • As per new recruitment system (RP.), here’s some detail if clan leader or anyone of privileged members or professional members, they will be known as High-Ranking members, directly asks or invites you to join, the player will have two choices to make :

1. You can refuse the recommendation of invitation. Just because it’s personal decision.

2. If the player accepts the offer, he/she will have to do just as the (High-Ranking) members say. Well for example you might have a question. Like what am I supposed to do to join or apply etc. If you have any particular reason why you can’t join. Feel free to share your thoughts to (High-Ranking) members, or having problem with joining or applying etc.

  • However, the following information has to be submitted by the player in a form of application similar to applying by applicants as mentioned above. We need this information to know you better.

Application template:

PS: Here’s some advice to make an application. If you’re about to make an application and don’t know how here’s how, select all the application template. “CTRL+C” to copy, “CTRL+V” to paste. You probably know what exactly it is.

1. PB2 username:

2. PB2 account link:

3. List of alternate account’s with profile links:

4. Past clans you have been:

5. Who invited you to this clan?:

6. Name of the the members who you know:

7. Your country time zone (GMT+/-?):

8. How long have you been playing PB2?:

9. (Important) How can you contribute to “KzM” (Try to explain each of them.): Contributions:

a) Map making:
b) Loyalty:
c) Activity:
d) Playing skills:
e) Website designing skills (Forumotion, WordPress, Discordapp etc.):
f) Clan montage videos (Making, Editing etc skills.):
g) Recruitment management skills:
h) Making “KzM” more popular, stronger, larger, and better etc. (How?):
i) Dedication, cooperative and supportive:
j) Any other specialty:

10. Give your activity details to following list. (How active you are or you can be?):

a) PB2 matches:
b) Forumotion/WordPress sites:
c) Discordapp chat:

11. You will stick to the clan laws, respect fellow members, never try to leave by any particular reason, and never leave without prior notice, and if you busted otherwise, we have every right to ban you or kick you out of the clan. That you probably do not want to deserve it. Do you accept the offer? Answer – (Yes./ No.):