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Post by FRC10 on Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:38 pm

List of Official Testers of [KzM] :

1. FRC10
Profile Link :

2. Silencehunter
Profile Link :

3. ooo
Profile Link :

4. Are you ready to be next.
Profile Link : Next Tester

Aspiring member can apply to become official tester of [A®K]. Before applying, the following minimum requirements have to be satisfied by the candidate :

(1) Applicant must have completed one month stay as a member. ( 10 days in case of very experienced and talented player with good Ldr if exists )
(2) At least 1000 kills with kdr rank of Elimination Master .

Eligible candidate will send a request in GD section. After the request is accepted, the leader in charge will test the candidate in four areas of PB2 maps (approved), as given below :
(a) Snipers
(b) Rays
(c) Rails
(d) Arena
In each case, one map you choose and other one leader does while keeping in mind structure and size of the map as small or medium, balanced and systematic.

Candidate will have to get a positive score difference of at least 4 points (e. g. 15 - 11) in any three of the above four areas.

Important Note :  Besides above, applying member's activity, attitude, loyalty, dedication and PB2 Career will also be taken into consideration. If the candidate fails to get the necessary scores as specified above, he/she can re-apply as a second chance after a period of 20 days. Only three attempts are available to the eligible candidate.

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