Killerz Matrix

Clan Laws List

1. Multiple-clans are not allowed.

2. Be respectful to everybody in every way.

3. Unity of members is the most important factor for inclusive growth and better mutual understanding of everyone. Therefore, all the members are required to add each other as friend in PB2 no matter whether you like or dislike, friend or foe to one another. Always remember. United we stand! We are like brothers and brothers don’t fight each other, rather they help and protect no matter what others say.

4. While we can not force level of activity upon any member in terms of Forums, WordPress, Discordapp and PB2 as we all have our priorities in life to take care of, we will appreciate if frequency of activity is twice a week. Please at least try to keep yourself update in regard to any changes or activities, if you may not be active in PB2 matches.

5. In case a member goes inactive for a month without prior notice, two warnings shall be issued to him/her to log in and explain reason for inactivity. With no response from members side, he/she will be shifted to (Inactive members list.).

6. You will always wear |KzM| clan tag, for it shows others what you represent and what you are associated with. Also remember this tag is only thing allowed to your nickname. And here’s some bonus that should be noticed. I have made 4 custom nickname style and here’s the list.
(I) |KzM| username
(II) |KzM|username
(III) username |KzM|
(IV) username|KzM|

7. Any member can apply for:
(I) Tournament Organizer.
(II) Recruiter.
(III) Convener.
(IV) Any other post if all members deem it fit and necessary.
Note: Kindly note that votes of the members will be cast for the appointment taking into consideration applying members activity, skills, attitude, loyalty, dedication and contribution to the clan.

8. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome from the members.

9. We hope every member will not leave like a stone never turn back by themselves, to make this clan a better place where everyone feels free to express their views and have unforgettable moments of fun, memories etc.

10. “I shall abide by the laws of the clan and make every effort in its unparalleled growth and success.” – (Member‘s Oath).

Chat & Forums Laws List

1. Avoid unnecessary or excessive use of spamming, flooding and cursing.

2. We recommend you to use or make threads for any kind of long posts.

3. We encourage civilized debate, healthy exchange of ideas and smooth flow of discussion with a sense of respect and proportion.

4. We strictly prohibit:

a) Use of racist abuse.
b) Threats of any kind.
c) Vulgar language or obscene material.
d) Hate-speech or arguments.
e) Personal attacks.
f) Harassment in any way.
g) Advertisement of any stuff unrelated to clan.
h) Promotion of any illegal activity.
i) Defamatory statements or posts.
j) Stealing of usernames or impersonation.
k) Phishing, DDoS, IP logging or hacking etc.

5. Please do not disclose your any ID or password, address, phone number, or other private information on the chat & forum. You are at your own risk if you do so.

As punishment you will get 3 warnings if you get 4th warning you will get the following punishments one by one:
(I) Normal PM mode warning 3 times.

(II) Kicked out of chat, invitation link will be expired.

(III) Banned for previous 24 hours.

(IV) Banned for previous 1 week.

(V) Banned forever. (Auto.).

PS: 5th punishment can be voidable. But you must promise that you won’t even do that again very serious.

5. Please do not disclose your any ID or password, address, phone number, or other private information on the chat, forums and website. You are at your own risk if you do so.

Note: We reserve the right to remove any post anytime without any reason. Infraction of any rule in any way will lead to a temporary ban. Removal of the user from the clan will be considered for repeated offenses.