Killerz Matrix

Killerz Matrix

On successful transition from "ArK" to "KzM", Killerz Matrix clan is glad to announce that we have fulfilled our clan's purpose of building a home like place and a family for nice and hard working players of PB2 community.

P.S: We are going in the right direction. Everyone, just buckle up... It's gonna be hell of a ride ahead hahaha just kidding...

Killerz Matrix's Protocols & Principles

1. Though skill is one of the qualities we look for to some extent, we do not consider it an exclusive touchstone for selection of the player as what we expect is a genuine player characterized by dedication and discipline.

2. Here we care about you and your talent while we try to help you improve where you lack and push you as far as we can go. We offer training to all the members in respect of map making and developing a better style or class of play.

3. We do have a ranking system for all members but every member is heard and treated equally. However, as a matter of fact, skill, attitude and maturity are what separate experienced players from amateur ones.

4. Every member is given a responsible job in our clan, thereby bringing out the best in him/her.

5. We focus on team work rather than personal ambition because we believe you can do better with your team than you can alone.

To players with mindset "Say no to Clan"

I have seen and met many skilled players who do not want to or like to join a clan for any reason. I know it feels good to be free from responsibilities and do whatever you want to until you start finding yourself alone at some point of time. You seem to realize that you have lost the hunger for the game and cannot go on anymore. That is the moment when you try to find a reason to keep yourself motivated for the game but none appears. As a result, situation calls for your quitting.
In KzM, we firmly assure you that we shall keep the flame burning throughout your stay.

  • All we need is just support from all the players and PB2 Team.


From [ArK] to |KzM|

Clan transfer reason

[ArK] - ArKenStone clan

Until that day... Till all are the one...

"The reason is just because I have fallen once,
that does not mean I have completely became small.
I would definitely stand up tall.
It is time to shine because the choice is mine."

[ArK] is born out of the very hope to become immortal by passing down the legacy of our unique skills to those who will come after we are gone. [ArK] gives a family to a player, a name to unknown, a home to alone, a friend to an enemy, a purpose to live for, a challenge to fight for and a mission to die for. Our past will always be remembered. For in those memories, we live on. [ArK] is not going to be mere a clan. It will grow day by day with you and you with it. More shall join [ArK] to make it stronger and larger than ever.

Beliefs and Convictions of [ArK]

1. Everyone is welcome to [ArK] even though you do not have the luxury of being not tagged as "Lagger"and "Noob". Are these infamous words enough to limit your true skills? Certainly not!!

2. We know that learning and training are the processes that take time to build a formidable player. Here you will be forged with grit and gumption to claim what you are really worth of.

3. [ArK] will not expire as we have risen to inspire. Everyone will notice what we are and why we are.

4. You can die as a player but as a symbol of legend you simply become immortal. That is what [ArK] is, a symbol of eternity.

5. We believe that an empire divided can not stand. Only together can we survive!. Let's unite once and for all and make a promise to always protect and look out for each other.

Come on! Just come to home [ArK] because you know... You belongs to here. Also to tell you one thing...It is never too late to shoot for the stars regardless of who you are.